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To holistically educate orphaned and vulnerable children by providing free quality education, nutrition and medication. Pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values


Committed to ensure orphan and vulnerable children become next generation of healed leaders who knows their identities and destinies and confidence to step into reality of their dreams fulfilled. To bring these children into the Fathers love through the knowledge of Christ and be transformed by the spirit of adoption from orphans into sons and daughters of a saviour to whom their hope rest.

The problem of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Africa is a tragic one, and Uganda ranks as one of the African countries most severely affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis. USAID estimates that more than 2.5 million children in Uganda are orphaned, with more than 50% of them orphaned by AIDS. People living in rural communities of developing countries struggle to provide for orphaned & vulnerable children within their communities.

OVC face even more difficulty than the life of poverty that most Ugandan children must endure. Many OVC end up on the streets, where they often have no choice but to resort to begging or prostitution to survive. Even those fortunate enough to be taken in by other family members are often neglected or abused.

While orphanages generally succeed at getting children off the street and providing for their basic needs, many fall short of offering the care, nurture and encouragement that children need to develop successfully. Going beyond the basics to meet the full spectrum of childrens’ needs is necessary to raise productive, capable and emotionally healthy adults who, in turn, can give back to their communities.

People living in rural communities of  Uganda struggle to provide for orphaned children within their communities.

As a manifestation of Christ’s love, our ministry is to assist rural communities in meeting the spiritual, social, physical and educational needs of OVC in Uganda.

Working together with God, we hope to establish children’s homes with a loving family environment and provide resources to meet the diverse developmental needs of orphans.


As programs develop, the church will be encouraged to meet additional needs of the children through creative and unique ways geared to meet the particular needs of orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children in their community. 

While some churches have formalized programs, others may have more targeted prevention and delay initiatives such as:

Medical assistance:  The church helps provide medical assistance to children in need and to families who are at risk for being unable to care for their children.

School fees:   The church helps provide school fees for children who would otherwise be unable to attend school.

Food and basic needs:   The church helps provide food and basic needs to children in need and to families who are at risk for being unable to care for their children.

Skills training:   The church helps provide skills training to older children who will soon be able to care for themselves and to families who are at risk for being unable to care for their children.

All prevention programs are encouraged to expand holistically to meet all the needs of the child.


As Psalms 68:6 tells us, God “sets the lonely in families” and that is our goal at SCUF

 The local church desires to have relationships with families in their community so they can discern the best placement for children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

Placement with extended family/family in community

When a child is orphaned the local church works to find extended family who can take the child in, sometimes made possible with continued support from the church, helping families meet the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental needs of the child.

If no extended family is available then the church looks within its own congregation for parents willing to take the child into their family.

Residential care

(Family-style homes for children on church property)

If no family is available, a church-based home built on church or School property provides safety. Without this option kids are left to a life on the streets where they are often herded into large institutions, preyed upon by sex traffickers or exploited as domestic slaves.  Families within the church are chosen to care for these children and make a lifelong commitment to this new family in what is, in essence, a group adoption. The family environment provided in these homes gives these orphans the consistent, loving, godly care they need to break the cycle of abandonment.

Continuum of Care Point 2:  Child Placement


We desire to see the children make a smooth transition into adulthood and be able to support themselves (and their family if they have one) and give back to their church and community and in turn be able to care for other hurting children.

Advanced Schooling

The church helps provide funds for older children who show the potential of doing well in advanced schooling but would otherwise be unable to afford it.


The Church and the School shall establish project that  would be helpful to the children as they grow up: This may include;

1-Micro business development including retail, wholesale, service related, construction, manufacturing, transportation, etc

2-Agricultural business development such as farming for food production for consumption and sale through crop growing and raising of cows, goats and chicken.

3-Vocational skills training such as wood working, hair dressing, auto repair, carpentry, plumbing, etc

4-Micro-loans to lunch approved micro business projects.

Working with local churches and community leaders, we hope to provide projects, programs and resources for children in surrounding communities. These activities will focus on children’s spiritual, social, physical and educational development.

As a manifestation of Christ’s love and for His glory, we strive to trust in God by:

Loving because He first loved us.
Extending Grace and Mercy to others.
Serving with Integrity, Humility and Selflessness.
Speaking the Truth in Love.




Kapchorwa resides on relatively both a flat and high terrain and experiences a tropical climate most of the year. It is primarily a migrant community, with a mix of people from the Sabiny/Sabaot, Bagisu, Pokot,and Nandi tribes. A hardworking community, most work as farmers and grow corn (the primary crop),bananas, beans, cabbages, tomatoes and coffee. Because farming flourishes in this area, the community has a secure food source and does not experience famine though a times experience  much hunger in some seasons of the year especially people living in camps across the flat plains  of Ngenge sub region

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