Stewardship And Community Uplift Foundation (SCUF)

Reaching out to the broken hearted in Uganda

        PRAY WITH US  ALWAYS     


We work with community institutions, families, children and and youth ; our mission is to foll

ow our Lord Jesus Christ in working with the poor and vulnerable groups to achieve transf

ormation. Our aim is to reach communities in Uganda with Christian teachings and leadership trainings, child care and education, women empowerment, Economic empowerment, health care, rural clean renewable energy and food security. To successfully achieve our mission, we partner with community churches and other community self help groups to effectively reach the vulnerable at the grassroots level.


   We have a heart for the Orphans.(VISION CARE)

                                                     THE JOY SCHOOL


Aim at helping poor households, vulnerable Children, Widows, HIV/AIDS affected families in underdeveloped communities obtain access to good quality, holistic and comprehensive care. It is our desire to substantially to improve their quality of life, and to encourage a positive moral change and behaviour in the communities. 


 "Tonight, millions of children will go to bed hungry and with no chance to access education. In poor communities around the eastern districts of Uganda and many other regions in sub-Saharan Africa, whether due to drought, conflict or disease; guardians, widowed mothers and fathers will not be able to find enough food for their families and school facilities for their childrens education. It's any parent's worst nightmare.


Support us to help hungry children and their families get the assistance they need. And it would not be possible without the continued support of friends like you.


Will you partner with us today? Your gift is so important. Think of it this way: It can cost as little as 5 dollars to provide a nutritious meal for a hungry child a day and descent second hand cloth/dress: Meanwhile in the long term, helping families through training, Water for Agriculture/farming, education, micro credit loans and health services can provide lasting solutions for families now on the brink of disaster. Think how much your gift can do! The need is so great.


Every minute of every day, somewhere in Kapchorwa, Uganda and Sub-Saharan Africa, over 10 children die of malnutrition and preventable diseases. Even when it doesn't kill, chronic malnutrition can cause blindness, deformities and brain damage. That's the shocking truth. But we don't have to accept it. We can choose to stop it.


Stand with us as we invest in proven solutions to hunger, poverty and disease especially for the children and Vulnerable groups."



May you be the one God has chosen that we may achieve this cause together for the Lord's Glory

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