Stewardship And Community Uplift Foundation (SCUF)

How You Can Help

Your gift allows us to continue our work in helping  the poor in Kapchorwa. We keep our donors in our daily prayers.

 Partner with us in one or More of the needs below as we seek God's hand to help us:

      1.      Pay a year of tuition fee for a needy child =$500 a year

2.      To provide a meal every day for a needy child.=$ 1,460 a year

3.       To Provide Comprehensive medical care for a needy child.=$ 180 a year

4.       To build a better 10 rooms structure for the accommodation and classrooms of the school children=$ 50,000  

5.       To Build a medical Centre in Mokotu Village, to facilitate the treatment of the needy children, vulnerable women in labor and HIV/AIDS patients.=$ 30,000

6.      To acquire a quality food store for the storage of food items for needy children and other vulnerable groups =$ 15,000

7.      To acquire Teaching materials for the school =$ 1,500

8.      To Build an Orphanage home for those orphans who do not have any relative to provide a shelter.$ 20,000

9. To Build a rehabilitation and Skills training Centre = $ 50,000

10.      To acquire Public address system for evangelism and outreach=$ 3,000

11.  To acquire teaching materials for discipleship ministry: (Bible school set up)

12.  To acquire equipments for Christian film and Radio evangelism.(Technical guidance and financial support) for set up.

13.  To acquire enough Bibles for the rural churches- Need support in Kind

14.  To acquire clean Water and Sanitation in poor rural household and schools in Kapchorwa community (need kind support in digging bore holes and pumping technology)

15. Need expertise and volunteers to guide how best to execute technical projects basing on their experiences.

16. Help with a start up fund to put up a poultry firm and dairy cow project to help the school be self sustaining.=$ 5,000

17. Help with a micro loan fund to support community self help groups to generate income as a better way to eliminate poverty in rural households.=$ 20,000








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