Stewardship And Community Uplift Foundation (SCUF)


Stewardship and Community Uplift Foundation is an evangelical Christian  organization that was founded in 2004 and was Incorporated in 2005 

Our Mission

 Transformation of the world most needy for the glory of God .

Our Vision

SCUF envisions a world where under-resourced, indigenous churches transform their communities and bring Hope to the extreme poor and orphans.

Core Values

We are part of the Body of Christ;

Live a Holy life

Live a life of Honesty  and Humility

Live  a life full of Love 

Live a life of  Prayer

 Live and work by Faith

Devoted to Jesus Christ and His commission

Motivated only for the glory of God

 We demonstrate God’s love by
giving and supporting the needy, we always share the reason we give—because Christ gave to us. Supporting vulnerable people help us communicate the grace and mercy of a Savoir who loves them.


Being a Para-Church Organization, It partners with  churches and community based organizations/groups to effectively reach out to the most vulnerable at the grassroot level.


Our aim is to meet the basic needs of the orphans and vulnerable children, Community institutions leadership skills, Women empowerment, HIV/AIDS patients living in the rural areas of Uganda. We believe and long to see  rural communities in Uganda be uplifted in the following areas:


Child Education

Economic empowerment

Health and Nutrition

Water and Sanitation


Leadership Training

Preservation of the Eco-System


SCUF History

 In 2002, Poloman wanted to find out more about the possible way forward and solutions on how to minimize and put an end to long existed poverty which for many decades affected his family together with many other communities in his home district of Kapchorwa as a result of many root causes inclusive of karamojong cattle raiders which displaced hundreds of people in his former home village in Ngenge- sub-county early 1970s.


Regardless of many factors that contributed to poverty scenarios in his community, Poloman observed the need for people to completely turn to God and have absolute trust in Him as they diligently seek His intervention and guidance in trying to recover from such traumas as a major way forward to achieve a success much more for the life eternal.  


 Child Education and Orphans.

Given the long lasting and chronic nature of poverty scenarios in the community of Kapchorwa and other emergency zones, it is vital that education be accessed throughout the poor families and orphans to avoid uneducated and illiterate population as one of the major most ways of eradicating poverty and post conflict reconstruction in the region under emergencies. Education can provide an important protective function for children caught up in such poor and vulnerable families. The normality and stability provided by daily schooling is psychologically important. Schools are places not only for teaching of traditional academic subjects, but also the dissemination of life-saving messages. Schools are effective sites for mine-risk education, HIV/AIDS awareness, and for the promotion of human rights, tolerance and non-violent conflict resolution.

Children learn quickly, and can impart their knowledge in turn to other members of the household, especially in the areas of sanitation and nutrition.



Support and Protect food security of poor house holds and HIV/AIDS affected household and communities.

HIV/AIDS and Poverty undermines households and communities. The two epidemics disrupts livelihoods, affecting productive activities ratio (due to disease and orphans), and resulting in increased food insecurity and malnutrition.

It is for this reason that Stewardship and Community Uplift Foundation embark on the emergency response projects and activities which would give specific attention to protecting and promoting food security of affected and risk households and communities, combining food and agriculture relief interventions with food aid and nutrition education. Poverty, chronic food insecurity, HIV/AIDS and emergency situations are mutually aggravating phenomena, generating complex scenarios that require committed, integrated and intersect oral responses. In poverty situations, the AIDS epidemic presents an added risk and burden to communities and households, as it builds upon and exacerbates existing vulnerability and impairs prospects of recovery.



We minister through Christian/Bible teachings about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in  Churches, open air crusades, and Christian conferences which is expected to change peoples moral behaviors and communities turning to Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives.

 Churches, helps the community to grow strong in Christian faith through a continuous coming together of Christians and non-Christians during Sunday services and weekly fellowships where God’s word is taught, preached and prayers of repentance are conducted.


“Preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and demonstration of God’s LOVE to Humanity


ohn 3:15

“That everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life”

John: 14:1-4. Do not let your hearts be troubled… In my Father’s house are many rooms


Leadership Training

Guiding you through an initiative specific to your organization, this offering will improve institutional leaders ability to lead significant change.This program helps leaders create a culture of continuous innovation. Leaders will learn how institutions successfully transform themselves, uncover opportunities arising from disruption, and pave a path to greater profitability and successful vision building to the glory of the Lord.



Recent Prayer Requests

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